api General

Almost all API calls can handle multiple parameters. For instance, if you request information about a couple of blocks, you can send one API call for all of them. Parameter delimiter is a comma (,)

So instead of doing three separate API calls:

You can do just one:

api Tx API

Push (publish)

Push (or publish) API transfers your transaction to the network. If transaction is proper and signed transaction hash is returned. If there was an error decoding this transaction a 'fail' error is returned.

To publish a transaction make a POST (!) request with your transaction hex to the push API.

Using curl this would be like (shell example):

api Address API

Address balance

This api call can be used to fast request only the address balance. You can add multiple addresses to api call.

Address transactions

Returns transactions for given address. Only the most recent 200 transactions are shown. If you need more, contact us. You can add multiple addresses to api call.

Unconfirmed address transaction info

Returns unconfirmed transaction data filtered by address. Unconfirmed transactions are not a part of the blockchain and should not be trusted!

Unspent transactions

Returns unspent transactions for a given address. Unspent transactions are transactions that still have value. Value of these transactions hasn't been spent yet. You can add multiple addresses to api call. Be carefull when using outputs with low number of confirmations (if transaction has more then 6 confirmations then it's usually safe to include it).